Additional Services at Imagine Hope Lamond

Special Education Department

The vision of the Special Education Department is that all students can achieve; therefore, we are committed to identifying and meeting the diverse needs of each student through individualized educational programming within IDEA guidelines. It is our mission to provide leadership and advocacy, and to promote collaboration among parents, educators, students, communities, and other agencies to ensure that all students receive a free, appropriate public education as they prepare for future endeavors.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

The purpose of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) as part of school curriculum is to enable the English Language Learner (ELL), who is learning English as a new language, to develop the language skills needed to achieve academically, participate successfully in the school and classroom setting, and adjust socially to the U.S. culture.

The Elementary ESOL at Hope curriculum is based on district standards for the language and literacy development of English language learners. Thus, units of instruction are organized around themes related to Hope’s curriculum of Core Knowledge: reading/language arts, social studies, and science.

Here at the Imagine Hope Lamond Campus, we are dedicated to optimizing the individual student in their progression to be a productive citizen in a global community.

ESOL Goals:

  1. Develop socially and culturally appropriate communication skills
  2. Develop academic language success in the Common Core Standards content areas.
  3. To provide the instructional support needed for ELL students to master the English language and to participate effectively in the general education program as quickly as possible
  4. Encourage students to take pride in their cultural and linguistic backgrounds


The Counseling Department supports Imagine Hope Community Charter School’s vision of creating a school environment that helps students gain confidence and hope for their future. This department is an intricate part of our community because it supports the social, emotional, and behavioral functioning of the lives of our students, throughout their academic journey. To help ensure a successful school experience we offer individual counseling, group counseling and various resources in the community. Overall, we are committed to developing students who have positive attitudes about school, themselves, and their community.


School Lunch Program

OSSE’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) provides a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as a healthy snack option to all elementary school children in participating schools. The FFVP encourages nutrition education and community partnership, with the goal of introducing healthy, local practices at an early age that may lead to life-long healthy eating habits.

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